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Welcome to Lux Cosmetics, the ultimate destination for Synergie Skin products. As an authorised stockist, we take pride in offering an extensive range of skincare solutions. With our commitment to providing easy access to these high-quality products, meticulously developed for the professional market, your journey to radiant and healthy skin starts here. Explore the beauty of clinically-sought skincare at Lux Cosmetics and unlock your true potential.

A-Zinc Kit

The perfect introduction to Synergie skincare for all skin types.


An active, non-irritating and stable vitamin A serum that promotes healthy skin renewal and reverses visible signs of ageing.


A cooling aftercare gel formulated with a blend of canadian willowherb, aloe vera concentrate and vitamin B3.


This luxuriously soft, flat top brush polishes product into the skin, giving your complexion an ‘air-brushed’ finish.

Anti-Redness Kit

The ideal solution for addressing skin redness and irritation.


A multifunctional spray to reduce the appearance of blocked pores, prevent breakouts on the body, and address ingrown hairs.

Balance + Clarity Kit

The perfect introduction to Synergie skincare for combination to oily skin types.

Best Sellers Edit

A core three-step routine of our fan favourites in full-size.


This luxurious milky cleanser gently and effectively removes all traces of dirt and makeup, leaving even the most sensitive skin feeling soft, clean and nourished.


A lightweight body lotion enriched with niacinamide to reduce uneven skin tone, hydrate and strengthen the skin.


A fast acting and powerful spot treatment to reduce the appearance of blemishes and breakouts.


A lightweight milk moisturiser to improve uneven skin tone, restore moisture and refine the appearance of enlarged pores.

Cosmetic Brush Cleaner

Cosmetic brush cleaner contains 100% natural ingredients in a quick-dry formula. It gently cleans brushes using plant based alcohol and pure essential oils, with no harmful chemicals.

Cult Classics Pack

This luxe collection has you covered from A to Zinc. No matter the age or skin concern, Synergie Skin's Cult Classics are your fundamental essentials for radiant and healthy skin.


A soothing and repairing moisturiser enriched with advanced peptides to reduce the discomfort of irritation and redness.


A daily elixir fortified with prebiotics and probiotics to balance the surface microbiome of the skin.


This antioxidant-rich facial oil combats visible redness, leaving a hydrated, dewy and even complexion.

Detox anTiox

A detoxifying mask to draw out impurities, refine pores and address skin congestion.

Effica C

A rapidly absorbing, non-acidic vitamin C serum suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


A luxurious treatment dedicated to defining, lifting and firming the neck and décolletage.


This cutting-edge brightening serum addresses uneven skin tone and discolouration to enhance luminosity.


An essential spritz that forms an invisible shield to guard against airborne pollutants and infrared damage.


An effective tonic to minimise pore size and oily shine to leave your skin refined, hydrated and more luminous.

Gentle X-fol Cloth

Made from 100% cotton, this reusable facial cloth gently exfoliates and helps remove makeup and surface impurities.

Hand ResQ

A luxurious hand lotion fortified with niacinamide to rejuvenate the hands and cuticles.


A non-comedogenic water moisturiser to balance oily shine and refine pore size.


This ultra-hydrating cream smoothes the appearance of fine lines and restores the barrier for soft and supple skin.

ImprovEyes Day

A lightweight eye serum to reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and smooth visible fine lines.

ImprovEyes Night

An intense age-defying treatment to reduce the appearance of lines, dryness, puffiness and dark circles.

Kabuki Brush

Essential to achieve best results from your Second Skin Crush loose minerals foundation. Comes with travel pouch.


A cosmeceutical treatment to protect and deeply hydrate the delicate lip area for plump, soft lips.


A revolutionary acid-free exfoliant ideal for sensitive skin unable to use acids or scrubs.


A lightweight facial oil fortified with 8 potent plant-based actives to reduce the appearance of fine lines, brighten and even skin tone, and nourish the skin.


An overnight anti-ageing mask to nourish, repair and smooth fine lines.


An invigorating facial scrub to buff away dull skin cells and remove surface blackheads.


This no-rinse micellar water effortlessly cleanses, purifies and dissolves makeup from the face, eyes and lips.

MicroPolish Powder

A fragrance-free exfoliating powder to gently micro-polish, cleanse and brighten skin.

Post treatment Kit

A recovery kit to protect and recuperate your skin following a clinical treatment.

Pure-C Crystals

This highly stable formula is the most effective form of vitamin C for brightening and evening of skin tone, and age-defying benefits.


Reclaim your youth with this luxurious age-defying moisturiser. This potent formula targets visible ageing to lift and plump the skin.

Recover Balm

This nurturing balm melts into the skin to soothe, hydrate and restore a damaged skin barrier.

Rejuvaderm Home Roller 0.25mm

A home-use microneedling device that creates channels in the outer layer of the skin without causing damage.

Rejuvaderm Home Roller 0.5mm

A home-use microneedling device that creates channels in the outer layer of the skin without causing damage.


0.4% encapsulated retinol plus gentle exfoliating peptides


An alcohol-free chemical exfoliating serum to slough away surface skin cell build-up and decongest pores.

Skin Brightening Kit

A glowing kit to address the appearance of uneven skin tone, pigmentation and enhance skin clarity and luminosity.


A potent serum with six hero peptides, antioxidants and marine biomimetic ingredients to address signs of ageing.

TriDration B

This 5-minute express mask intensely hydrates skin from within for a plump, youthful, and dewy glow.


Our bestselling moisturiser fortified with 21% zinc oxide for physical solar protection and calming skin benefits.

ÜberZinc Body

An elegant body moisturiser with 25% zinc oxide for physical broad-spectrum solar protection.

Ultimate A

This vitamin A serum promotes healthy skin renewal, balances oil flow, and addresses visible lines for clear and youthful-looking skin.

Ultimate Anti-Ageing Kit

The premium solution for combating the visible signs of ageing.


Our bestselling cleansing gel to thoroughly wash away all traces of surface impurities and makeup, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, clean and balanced.

Vitamin B

Our award-winning vitamin B3 formula is essential for regulating oil flow, minimising redness and fine lines for youthful, dewy skin.

XCell B

This advanced multitasking cosmeceutical regulates oil flow, addresses lines and uneven skin tone for luminous, dewy skin.

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